How to Work Abroad

work abroad

You want to work abroad and grow yourself professionally as well as personally. However, you don’t know how to work abroad. You’re concerned about the IFs and BUTs associated with it and are not sure where to start. How about we help you figure that out, so that you can make your dream of working abroad come true!

The following 7 steps will give you an overview of how to work abroad. Further details about the steps can be found in the blog posts linked to them.

How to work abroad

Step 1: Decide on a country

Questions that can help you decide on a country for working abroad:

  • Which language is spoken in the workplace and everyday life? Am I ready to learn a foreign language for my professional and/or social life?
  • What are the career opportunities in my field?
  • What is the average salary for the job position I’ll be applying for?
  • How high is the income tax in that country and will I be able to afford a good lifestyle?
  • How do social security and other employee benefits look like?
  • How long do I want to stay abroad? Depending upon that, what would be the future of my partner and children?

Step 2: Find job postings to work abroad

You might’ve asked yourself: how can I work abroad if I don’t know how to find job postings? That’s a valid question. However, most of the companies publish job postings online these days. These postings can be found on the company’s website, some job search websites, or professional networking sites.

While searching for a job, you should keep in mind that if a job posting is in a foreign language and it requires English proficiency, that doesn’t mean that it requires only English language skills. It might not be written explicitly, but because the job posting itself is in a foreign language, the recruiters are probably expecting you to have good proficiency in that foreign language.

Step 3: Prepare job application documents

Common documents required for job applications are:

Additionally, it’s recommended to make an outstanding LinkedIn profile because recruiters often check your online presence nowadays.

Step 4: Submit job applications

Mostly, you can easily apply online by yourself. Many companies have their own career portals, where you can fill out some forms online, attach necessary documents and submit your job application. Sometimes, you might’ve to apply via email. Regardless of the application procedure, make sure you attach good quality documents (preferably in PDF format) with your application.

Step 5: Ace job interviews

In your interview, the hiring managers would like to know why you wish to work in a particular position for their company and why you’re better than other applicants. In short, you’ll have to answer two questions: “why you?” and “why us?”. Check out how to prepare for a job interview for further information.

Step 6: Apply for a work visa to work abroad

Check the visa procedure and documents required for the work visa application with the embassy of the country where you’d like to work overseas. The most important document is generally the job offer letter. You might’ve to book a visa appointment. We recommend reserving one as soon as possible to avoid long wait times. Prepare for the visa interview by going through common visa interview questions.   

Step 7: Make travel and accommodation arrangements

Make your travel and accommodation arrangements in time. Travel arrangement is usually not a problem but finding accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging at times. You might have to present proof of your itinerary and accommodation as part of your visa application. If that’s not the case, we’d recommend making these arrangements after getting the visa.


Your documents, particularly CV, Cover Letter, and Letter of Recommendation (LOR), play a vital role in your job applications. To make your documents stand out and enhance your chances of getting selected, we recommend you our document review and writing services.

We also offer interview preparation and career counseling services, so that you can nail your interviews and fulfill your dream of working abroad.


We hope, this information would help you with the topic; how to work abroad. Start your journey with Adifiles and good luck with your job applications!