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Whether it’s landing good career opportunities or making the best out of your living-in-Germany experience, your German language skills play a major role in it. When we attend a language course and learn German, we can show on a piece of paper that we have attended a course but we often face difficulty speaking the language in real life. Keeping in mind that speaking is the most important aspect of a language to navigate through everyday life, we’ve designed German language courses that focus on speaking. You’ll of course work on other aspects of the language (reading, writing, listening) as well, but you’ll get the opportunity to work on your speaking in every single lecture by participating in some monologues and discussions.

Why learn German with Hafsa?

Hafsa’s real name is Imke. She is a German girl, who is a converted Muslim and Hafsa is her Muslim name. Hafsa has learned several languages herself such as Swedish, Mandarin and English. She has been to several countries around the world and loves to explore different cultures. Pakistan is one of her favorite countries to visit and she has been there multiple times. She has studied Socioeconomics and focused on different topics regarding global social issues during her studies. Because of her intercultural competence, passion about languages and interest in getting to know people from around the globe, she enjoys teaching German language.

What we offer

  • Learn German with a NATIVE SPEAKER
  • Courses focus on SPEAKING
  • Class size is SMALL
  • Guest lecture on CAREER COUNSELING

Guest Speaker

Adil is a Pakistani guy, who has studied and worked in Asia, Europe and North America. He is currently living and working in Germany. For several years, he has been helping students and young professionals regarding study and career advice. He will deliver a guest lecture on career counseling keeping in mind the German job market in order to help you achieve your goals.

Learning Material

You’ll be provided with German learning material by Hafsa, which will be used during online classes and will also help you with your homework.


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