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For instance, if you use the information or services for your admission application to a university, supposedly named “ABXYZ” and this university rejects you, we are not liable for your failure (and its consequences) or for your financial loss (considering the fact that you may have spent some money for the admission application).

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We encourage comments on our posts. However, comments that may spread, including but not limited to, hatred, negativity or racism, will not be entertained. We respect our user-community and we reserve the right to filter out your comment and not display it anywhere on our website if it is not appropriate.

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Under no circumstances are we bound to respond to your email inquiries or to your comments within any specified time period. The only exception to this may be a written agreement between you and us in which we state a time limit to offer you services or respond to your inquiries.

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You may find services, products, or advertising on our site or in services provided by us, for example in our emails that inform you about latest posts on our website. These services, products or advertising may link you to third party websites. We have no authority on the content and activities of these third party websites and we take no responsibility of any kind regarding these websites linked to or linked from our site. These websites may have their own terms of use (sometimes also called “terms of service” or “terms and conditions”) and privacy policy. We encourage you to visit and understand their terms of use and privacy documents when you visit these third party sites or place an order for any services or products on these sites.

Privacy Policy

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If you have any questions regarding our terms of use, you may contact us using the contact information provided in our Imprint.


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