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Interview etiquette – 11 tips to impress interviewers

Interview Etiquette

Congratulations on getting called for an interview! Now, you need to know the art of interview etiquette, so that you can “wow” the interviewer. It’s a bridge that lets you and your interviewer stay connected. Of course, your expertise and skillset play a vital role in an interview but you can’t ignore the importance of interview etiquette. Otherwise, interviewers might lose interest in you. Your etiquette says a lot about your personality.

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This blog post will help you familiarize yourself with common points concerning interview etiquette.

Dress appropriately

Your appearance also impacts your first impression. You should dress appropriately and according to the company culture. You can check the organization’s website or get in touch with HR to get an understanding of the appropriate dress code for the interview. For example, if you applied for a corporate job then you might have to dress formally. However, whether you’ve to put on a tie or not, depends upon the company culture.

Nowadays, video interviews are getting more and more common. Regardless of the communication channel, dress code is just as important as it is in a face-to-face interview.

Be on time

Giving a good first impression not only depends on your appearance but also your time management. If you’re going for a face-to-face interview, you should reach the location at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled time. Any delays might give the impression that you’re disorganized.

Wait for your turn

Once you get to the location, don’t just rush into the meeting room. Maybe the previous interview took longer than planned or perhaps the interviewers are taking a short break. Usually, you’d be asked to enter the room once the interviewers are ready.

As far as online interviews are concerned, you can join the meeting two to three minutes before the starting time.

Listen first

Listening carefully and not interrupting the interviewers is an important interview etiquette. Because interviews can be nerve-wracking for us, we tend to answer before interviewers complete their question. You should calm your nerves and listen to your interviewer carefully. If you don’t, then chances are that you might not give the answer that the interviewer is looking for. Moreover, when you allow the interviewer to complete their point or question, it gives the impression that you listen to others and value their opinions.

Relax and be friendly

By being friendly, we don’t mean that you should give fist bumps to your interviewer or joke around. We mean that you shouldn’t sound like a mechanical robot to the interviewer. The dialogue between you and your interviewer is a conversation. For example, the interviewer may start the conversation with a small talk by asking how your day is going. You can answer just like any other person would, “Yes, my day is going well. Thanks for asking! How’s your day going?”

Maintain a good posture

Your posture can imply different meanings. Slouching or not sitting appropriately can give signs of nervousness or disinterest. Make sure you keep your back straight when you sit and rest your hands on your legs or armrests.

Make eye contact

Eye contact results in effective communication and shows that you’re confident. When an interviewer is talking, you should make eye contact with this person. However, when you’re talking, make eye contact with all the interviewers and not just the person sitting right in front of you.

Hand gestures

We recommend using appropriate hand gestures while you’re speaking. They add additional value to your words. Respect the interview etiquette by making sure that the movements of your hands and arms are calculated and that you’re not stretching them across the table to make the interviewers uncomfortable. A hand gesture might have different meanings in different cultures. Familiarize yourself with hand gestures that might give a bad impression.


This one might sound very obvious but we often forget to smile when we’re in an unknown environment or under stress. Appropriate smiling helps connect you with the interviewers and gives the impression that you’re a friendly person. Of course, you should smile where appropriate and not all the time.

Put your phone on silent

This is a common mistake from newbie interviewees. You might get away with your phone ringing but it’ll give a bad impression as it shows disinterest and unprofessionalism. In case, your phone does ring, then apologize right away and switch off your phone.

Ask relevant questions

An interview is a conversation. You’re welcome to ask questions or share any of your concerns. But, make sure that these questions are relevant to the interview. Asking questions portrays your interest and motivation. Use appropriate wording for your questions and ask them politely.

We hope, our tips on interview etiquette will help you with your interview. Ace your interview and get a step closer to your favorite study program or dream job with the help of our Interview Preparation Services.

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Author: Adil Ilyas

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